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Why Virginia is called Shangri-la

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"Almost heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains Shenandoah River..."

These are few lines from John Denver's song entitled “Take Me Home Country Roads”. These lines describe a few of the many types of scenery one will see in Virginia. Virginia is an ideal place for a vacation. Within its vicinity it seats many beautiful beaches such as the Chesapeake Bay, Resort Area and Sandbridge. Aside from the beaches, Virginia also offers amusement parks, national parks, museums outdoor recreations and beautiful natural sceneries.

Before driving to Virginia though, check out the state’s background.

Brief history
Virginia was the first permanent English colony in America in early 1600’s. The English first settled in Tidewater, Virginia before they expanded their colonial territory. The name Virginia was given to honor Queen Elizabeth “the Virgin Queen of England”. The early part of the 1600’s was more of an English establishment of the development necessary to convert the wilderness of America into a habitable place. It is marked by struggle then stability later on. It is during 1612 when the idea of tobacco cultivation was introduced. Tobacco plantations began to emerge after. After tobacco plantations, other developments were introduced. Virginia also took part in the American Revolution as one of the colonies that joined the so called “confederacy”. Due to political differences, the northern counties of Virginia separated from Virginia and formed a new state. The new state that was formed is today’s West Virginia.

Climate and weather conditions
Virginia has a diverse climate. This means that Virginia’s climate varies accordingly depending on one’s location in the state. With regards to temperature, Virginia has an average of 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer season. In autumn season, the average temperature is 57 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. During winter season, the temperature can drop to a low of about 28 degrees Fahrenheit. In spring season, the temperature climbs to an average of 44 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Thunderstorms are also occasional in Virginia. Mostly, these thunderstorms appear in late afternoon after 4pm.

Tourist Attractions
The museums
If you are a lover of history then Virginia is the ideal place for you. Virginia is very rich in history. Aside from that, Virginia has kept much memorabilia of its history. The long list of museums will definitely catch your attention. The Tank Museum at Danville will enable you to see what the old tanks look likes. The Army Women’s Museum at Fort Lee will enable you to see women’s army paraphernalia and let you learn how women provided help to the army. The African American Heritage site at Old Hampton Lane will bring you back to the time the first Africans were brought to America.

The parks
If you are travelling with your family, then the parks will be the best place for you. Virginia has a lot of theme parks to offer which your family, especially your children will surely love. To mention a few of these parks, number one on the list is the Bear Path Acre in Southampton. You can have a picnic here while enjoying the animal world. Much more than that, you will not only enjoy the scenery of the animal world but also learn from their various attitudes, movements and nature. Second on the list is the Galewinds Amusement Park and Raceway at Wythe. This park offers Go-cart tracks, mini golf course and a large arcade. Surely, this park is a hit for sport lovers. Third on the list is the Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark at Williamsburg City. If you love water adventure, then this park is for you. It is an indoor waterpark that provides wild water adventures. There are still a lot more theme parks that you can choose from in Virginia aside from the ones that were mentioned above. The choice is yours.

The beaches
Your trip to Virginia will not be complete without hitting the beaches. There are three popular beach lines in Virginia. These are the Chesapeake Bay, Resort Area and Sandbridge Beach. Chesapeake Bay is the best place to relax while on the beach. Chesapeake Bay has softer and calmer waves that will bring you tranquility. On the other hand, if you are the type that loves outdoor performance, live music and park like atmosphere then Resort Area is just the place for you. Sandbridge beach is the best place if you love fishing, hiking and kayaking. Alongside with these activities, Sandbridge is also a great place to relax due to its scenic atmosphere.

Indeed, Virginia is Shangri-la!

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