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Date: 2011-06-25
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San Francisco

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In the Northwestern corner of North America, on the coast of the North Pacific Ocean, Lies San Francisco. A city of a million people built around a harbor full of history and spanned by the world famous "Golden Gate" bridge. How many movies have been shot with fugitives and lovers driving in the sunshine across San Francisco Bay? There wouldn't be many that haven't heard about this iconic city. All the more reason, to visit.

Dating back to 3000 BC, when local tribes lived on the shores of the bay, it ascended to Town status late in the 1700's when Spanish visitors erected the Presidio of San Franciscoa followed shortly after by the Mission San Francisco de Asís.Gold attracted the fortune seekers in the late 1800's looking for the promised riches of a new land. Fort Point and Fort Alcatraz were built around this time when California became a state of the United States of America.

In 1906 a huge earthquake destroyed most of the city giving them the opportunity to establish the "town grid" which still exists today.Fort Alcatraz on Alcatraz island, beyond swimming distance and surrounded by treacherous currents, became a prison about this time and has held some famous inmates over the years. Today it’s a peaceful spot, long since been put into retirement. Daily, visitors troop through its holding pens and cell blocks and listen to the tales of the terrible criminals it has held over the years.

The bridges of the bay, Oakland Bay Bridge and the famous Golden Gate Bridge were built at the end of the 30's. Magnificent structures, built at a time when some of the most amazing engineering feats were taking place around the world.Silicon Valley is nearby. The IT capital of the world has produced huge wealth over a very short time. Wealth that has flowed into the town, gives the area a prosperous air. Cable cars are "hauled" up and down the city streets, braked on the downside, acting as counterweights for the cars on the upside. Everyone wants to ride one and have their picture taken in one, as they trundle up and down the tree rimmed streets and down to the shore, at Fisherman's Wharf. Tourists flock here to enjoy the all year round carnival atmosphere. Souvenir shops abound and the range of eateries on the old wharves ensures no one goes home hungry.

Visit the museums like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in Yerba Buena Gardens, the Cartoon Art Museum, the Exploratorium in the Marina District and the Asian Art Museum. Go to Ocean Beach. Four miles of sand. Soak up the sunshine and the sea breeze. Or visit San Francisco Zoo. Lake Tahoe's a way down the road and Canada's not far north. You'll never be bored in San Francisco.

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