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Why Costa Rica is a Great Getaway

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Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish language. As the name suggests, the coastal area of the country is where the treasures lie. Costa Rica is well known for its eco- tourism. In fact, its tourism industry is one of the backbones of the country’s economy with almost 2 billion dollar in revenue per year. Costa Rica is also the most visited tourist destination in Central America. Wonder why Costa Rica has been the choice of many tourists? Then get your bags and take a trip to the wild life paradise of Costa Rica and see for yourself.

A look into its past
The first settlers of Costa Rica are the Native Americans, Afterwards, the Spanish explorers led by Christopher Columbus came and colonized the country in the early 1500’s. Costa Rica during the Spanish period was an abandoned and isolated colony. That means Spain had little interest in the land. Their lack of interest is due to the land’s lack of man power to establish Haciendas. Aside from that, Spain prioritized only those colonies with gold and other mineral deposits in which Costa Rica didn’t have. Spanish rule collapsed in the 1800’s. After that, Costa Ricans moved on until they were able to establish their own government. The years 1950 up to 1970 were the golden years of Costa Rica. It was in this time that their economy rose rapidly. Today, Costa Rica is one of the developing countries in Central America that has a huge potential for growth.

The Costa Ricans
Costa Ricans or “Ticos” are generally of mixed origin. Some are from Asian roots while others are from Africa and Central America. However, most Ticos have European roots mainly because of the Spanish rule of the country in the past. Generally, Ticos are educated, warm and friendly people. Spanish is the primary language in the country.

The climate and weather
Costa Rica is a tropical country. All year round, it has a minimum temperature of 17 degrees Celsius and a high temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius. Costa Rica has only 2 types of season, the sunny and the rainy season. Sunny season usually occurs during December to April. On the other hand, the wet season occurs from May to November.

Places of interests
The Beach
For a tropical nation that is surrounded by water, the beach is always the best place to go. Costa Rica is one of the countries that is blessed with world class beaches. The coastline of Costa Rica which covers almost 75 percent of the country allows every tourist to have boundless beach experiences. To name a few of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches, the Playa Dominical is the best place for surfers. This beach is one of the country’s best surfing destinations with a scenic view of the Pacific Ocean. The Samara Beach is one of Costa Rica’s hidden treasures. It has very fine white sand with shallow waters which makes it an ideal place for relaxation. The exotic Conchal Beach that prides itself with crystal blue and calm waters is a perfect place for snorkeling. These are just a few of the long list of beaches to name. There are still a lot more beaches to explore when you get to Costa Rica.

Tortuguero National Park
This is a great place to visit if you want nature at it’s best. This park offers the scenery of lush wildlife as this park is a haven of different types of turtles. What is unique here is that you won’t be walking all the time to see nature instead you’ll be paddling a canoe to roam around the park.

Arenal Volcano National Park

For those who love hiking, Arenal is the place to be. The Arenal volcano is over 5000 ft high, so hikers’ endurance will be really tested. Not only that, this volcano is among the 10 most active volcanos today and offers at times daily pockets of eruption which is a spectacular scenery during the night as one can see the lava flowing from the crater. The volcano’s cone shape is very picturesque as well.

Corcobado National Park
This is another park of lush and diverse wildlife in Costa Rica. In fact, this park is considered as the most diversified wildlife park in all of Costa Rica. Snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding and camping are just few of the activities that one can do in this park.

Manuel Antonio National Park
One of the smallest parks in Costa Rica is the Manuel Antonio National Park. This park is ideal for couples and family getaways as this park offers romantic scenery as well as plenty of programs for children. You can enjoy kayaking, sailing, river rafting, horseback riding and canopy tours.

Truly, Costa Rica is a haven to wild life and a vacation paradise.

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