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Saint Augustine Travel Information

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Nestled on the northern tip of Florida, the city of Saint Augustine is teeming with historical elegance that never fails to attract thousands of visitors across the globe each year. The city of St. Augustine boasts of its historical landmarks and old-world ambiance. After all, Saint Augustine isn’t called “The Old City” for nothing. Vibrant, sophisticated, and multifaceted, the city of Saint Augustine is definitely a gem in every traveler’s treasure trove.

Things to Do

Satisfy your hunger with Saint Augustine’s delectable dishes. The city’s cuisine is largely influenced by its European colonizers so expect to indulge in plates of pizza and pasta. Delight your taste buds with the city’s famous restaurants and holes-in-the-walls. For contemporary dishes, do not miss The Hyppo along Hypolita Street. This cozy restaurant is known for its late night service and irresistible desserts. Just a stone throw’s away from The Hyppo is Collage Restaurant, a laidback place where the eclectic tongue finds its space. It highlights mouth-watering dishes such as seafood and stake at affordable prices.

What better way to appreciate the city’s old-world appeal than by visiting its museums? Saint Augustine tops the list of having some of the most priceless museums in the world. Stroll through South Castillo Drive and discover priceless collections of Saint Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum. This charming museum houses authentic pirate collectibles that trace back to the Golden Era.

With acres of beautiful landscaped golf courses, practicing your backswing is easy in Saint Augustine. You can book a room in one of the city’s top-rated hotels or rent a private vacation rental and enjoy golf course amenities. Many vacation properties are situated on lush terrains to satisfy your nine-hole cravings.

Destinations Within

Saint John’s County
With its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Saint John’s County is a runaway favorite when it comes to fishing. Its sparkling river is a perfect venue to spend a laidback weekend while on a boat.

Forte Mose State Park
Resting on the northern tip of Saint Augustine, this lush terrain promises picturesque sunrises and laidback ambiance. It is considered as one of the historic landmarks in the United States. Tourists and locals continue to flock to this place to breathe fresh air and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Vilano Beach
Saint Augustine’s 43 miles of pristine beaches starts from the Vilano Beach. Restaurants, hotels and bed and breakfasts are scattered all over the area so there is no need to worry about your finding accommodations. Aside from the beaches, you can also visit the area’s unspoiled parks and public squares where you can have a nice bonding activity with your loved ones.

With its mild climate, Saint Augustine is ready to welcome tourists 365 days a year! Enjoy just the right amount of sunshine as you wander amid the city’s historic district. After an exhausting day exploring downtown, enjoy one of the city’s private vacation rentals or luxury hotels. Lodging inns, four-star hotels, villas, budget rooms, and apartments are dotted all over the city to suit the needs of distinctive guests like you.

Sightseeing In Saint Augustine Florida

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